Read and save to an external file?

I would like to do some data logging. Is it possible to read or at least write to files?

Thanks, -Cryo

I don’t think so. Use the debug() command, if it’s available to you (although it’s a bit buggy).

Too bad, Thanks. I’ll look into using the debug() command.
It would be awesome to use some external settings files or recursive information.

console.log() also works

That is only an alternate to the say class no? It does not actually output to an actual console that I could copy from.

@CryogenicMiner console.log() from what I understand is working in every language and will output content to the browser console. And then you should be able to copy content etc.

console.log(); is javascript

Ohh, that makes sense. I was assuming that it worked just like print does in python or say as I mentioned. I’ll look into that. My experience with Javascirpt is decent, but I have never actualy used the console.log(); in the breowser, just and IDE. Thank you