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Resetting code without loading the level


I am stuck at the “Ready!” screen with my Ogre code on Dungeon Arena. My Human code still runs fine. I have saved copies of my Ogre code so I am fine with resetting my code for the Ogres on that level. Is there anyway to reset or edit the code without loading the level?


I pasted my ogre code into my humans to see if I could find anything wrong with it. I got the infinite loop error and started commenting out everything to see what broke it. The accidental “.” where a “+” should be at in the following line seems to have caused the issue but I still have no way to edit my Ogre code to fix it.

this.say(“Kill “+enemy.type.”! “+ewjd.length+”,”+ewar.length);


What’s your CodeCombat username? I will take a look. Sorry about this! Tracking it over here:


@nick, could you manually reset my code as well (CodeCombat account - evindor), i’ve used break in Array.forEach loop :smiley:


@SWiT @evindor I’ve recovered both sets of code. Thanks for your patience!


This has happened to me a few times now - I’ve developed my character, and then bam, one bug, and it crashes and I cant get back in.

@nick do you like the idea of putting a timer on the loading screen, and if it takes too long, giving the user the option to copy paste their code, and reset their code in the game engine?


I’m glad you liked my suggestion :smile:


But it already shows ‘infinite loop’ message with an option to comment out the code, doesn’t it? I’ve seen some issues with loading the level when you are playing using the same browser process for a long time without resetting or when the connection was bad, but usually opening the level in a new tab helped.


I’d tried new tabs, and even other browsers, and it would still freeze :frowning:
The new timer works perfectly for me.