Ogre's Revenge!


I managed to make this:

It’s harder than it seems, there is only one way to beat it and you would end it with only 1 health,

Spoiler:You have to kill the archer as soon as you spawn, or you won’t survive the fight with Okar

STORY: The ogre’s tribe was rampaged by Okar in the ancient wars, now said Ogre wants revenge on Okar, you also want to collect money to pay for rebuilding your society.


I made sure of no bugs, good luck.


Great level. I will try right now


Just finished it. Great! I really like the end


Thanks! How much health? 1?




R.I.P Ogres revenge.


Press Control-Z? (20)


my browser unfortunatly crashed after that, but I can just attempt to make a new level, when I do, I will change the topic name.


Hi, I clicked on the link and saw this after clicking “Play Level”

I tried clicking on the screen but nothing moves. I cant type any code as well. May I know how to play it? Thanks


Scroll up 4 posts above yours.


Or click the arrow. Next to the quote.


:sob: doesn’t do anything