Rest in Peace, Technoblade

I don’t know what to say, but Technoblade is a legend of Minecraft. I got inspired to play skywars because of him, and I learned many new ways to parkour/bridge. Technoblade was unbeaten, he won against Dream, he won in a parkour competition, he won Minecraft, but he lost to cancer. We can all see here, that his last stream had to close because of the pain coming from his bones, we all thought it was temporary, but who thought, it is coming to an end. **** Cancer, wish this disease never existed, I really want to send every Cancer disease into h*ll, into a void of nothing. I know my tones sounds so rushing, but imagine, who can control their emotions when a legend like this pass away. “Technoblade Never Dies”, we should all believe that he never died, the god needs another Minecraft myth to accompany him, and wish him to have all the potatoes he needs in heaven, and there shall be no more Cancer. This legend will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

“The holy lord of pigs went to fight god”



not sure if this topic is needed but yeah rip technoblade

I’ve gotten interested in cancer cells if I’m honest
(I don’t wish anyone to have this disease)

also I’m pretty sure saying swears even if it’s censored isn’t allowed


Techno didn’t lose to cancer. it was a draw.

When someone dies of cancer, the cancer dies with them. Technoblade fought as hard as he can. In the end, he kamikazed

Minecraft should add a myth where when you name a pig “techno” they have a crown :]


That would be a good one.


Honestly my fav youtuber. This guy deserved every one of his 10,000,000+ subscribers. Blood for the blood god. Long live Technoblade.



Long live Technoblade! :pray: