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Talk about Minecraft:

The other minecraft one got closed accidentally, so this is the new one. :crossed_swords: :bow_and_arrow: :hammer_and_pick:
Post if you play Minecraft!


I played it, but it was heating up my phone too much and I couldn’t think of anything to build so I deleted it.

Having high cpu is bad for computer or phone. I use pc to play it.

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I’m using a tablet to play Minecraft

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i play on Mineplex and cubecraft anyone else do tha? if not what other server do u play? (im on Nintendi Switch)

I play on a tablet, but not on any server.

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my username is: Mstr2000

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I’m pretty good at redstone, so you can ask me any questions.

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So, the reason that the other Minecraft was closed was that @dedreous was going to mute it, but accidentally closed it. He finally replied me and that’s what he said.

Whats your username @CocoCharlie ?

My username is niftyKnight007, but my sisters also play on my account.

Ok can you send me a friend request?

OK (2000000000000char)

I may just can play Minecraft at 5 pm-5:30 at weekend

Sorry, but I’m not acctually going to send friend request. I won’t be able to play online by October.

Oh too bad.:expressionless:

The reason is, Mojang is stopping some updates toward some devices, To make their work less. But I can still play just not online. :roll_eyes:

Is anyone good at parkour? I’m pretty good I think. Not super great, just pretty good.

I’m very very very very very very very very very very very very very not good


but you can still send a friend request no?

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