Review of 02018 version of Code Combat

Coming back after 3-4 years, I can see that the ‘game’ has vastly improved.

A few things I’ve noticed & appreciated:

  • There’s a greater focus on CODING, and less focus on gear. Case in point: I’m at the middle of Desert with around 900 health, and Great Sword, with zero issues. This allows me to put my mind towards problem solving, rather than gear acquisition. Code trumps gear.
  • Building on that, i’m not gem starved. There are more levels, which gives more gems. Plus gear necessity reduction allows for a person to build a ‘bank account’ with greater ease. Much appreciated.
  • There are many more levels! This is wonderful, and a welcome improvement. It eases a person into concepts, and gives more opportunity to practice the concepts. Plus more gems :slight_smile:

Areas of improvement:

  • I’m running on an older’ish machine (1.3 ghz netbook with 2 gigs of ram) and in places the game lags hard (often during loading, or on complex maps with many enemies/items). I also get the blank-map graphical glitch. Is there a way to optimize the code so it runs better on slower machines? Particularly if this is presented as an onboarding platform for coding for younger people. They might not have a snazzy PC to use.

Overall thoughts? I love this game & what CC is doing for coding. A+. Keep at it!

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