Very laggy, solution?


I have been using CodeCombat for about a month now, it is a great program built on a great idea. The only problem is that it lags on lower end computers; this typically wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that CodeCombat is largely used by schools who are infamous for their budgets. Most schools, including my own, simply can not afford high end computers, which contributes largely to the lag of the game, making some levels extremely difficult to beat and susceptible to crashing.

But there is still, in fact, hope for CodeCombat. All that the developers need to do is enable a option to switch to low quality graphics: no shadows, no floating of objects, simplification of game objects, and no fancy/extraneous movements or animations. This way high end computers could keep using their high quality graphics and lower end computers could use lower quality graphics while still allowing the game to be playable. As long as the lag persists, a large portion of CodeCombat users will be hindered from learning and enjoying the program.