On the subject of lag

is the game supposed to be this laggy? it gets to the point where it’s unplayable

In my experience, it depends on 1) your wifi and 2) the level.
for example, Summit’s gate will be a LOT worse than the Dungeons of Kithgaurd

Plus, how many times you test your code. It helps if you close the tab after every 20-30 minutes.

That happens with me, I have to keep loading the webpage

I have a AMD dual core CPU in my computer and when I open up code combat it puts my CPU usage at 100% and RAM usage at about 3.5GB (out of 8) so I know where my lag comes from. Very intensive little game it seems like.

Does it have to do with how old my computer is?

It could, possibly. Older computers run slower, and as such…

Oh ok, could it also be slower because of the level? I`m currently in Backwoods Forest

Again, it depends on specific level. Backwoods brawl is more complex, and thus, more demanding, than, say, Thumb Biter

Ok thanks. What can I do to prevent it from becoming slow?

Quit/refresh your browser every hour or so, more often if lag occurs frequently. Turn off the sound. Make sure few background apps are open. That sort of thing.

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Ok thanks :grinning:

i think blaming on user machines is a cop out.

I have 16 gigs of ram, i7 quad core, dedicated cable connection, this machine runs circles around playstation 4. I’m a pro IT guy and network certified.

update to post, issue was resolved modifying client side software. Specifically, I’m running Internet Explorer 11, with all the updates and latest plugins. With windows 10, custom built desktop, and what I’ve mentioned, this thing runs like a beast on Code Combat now.

Special thanks goes to UltCombo for advising me to investigate “Client Side Software Configurations”.

Do you have experience with WebGL, web development and profiling tools? CodeCombat is open source, so feel free to explore the source if you have time to spare and want to make a difference.

Also, this reminds me that CodeCombat now runs PvP simulations in the background when it detects that you have computational power to spare. Perhaps this is causing issues for some people? @nick Is there an option to disable background simulations?

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not yet, but I will eventually. I’m actually new to the developer game, but I’ve been around in hardware troubleshooting since the 80’s. This site is teaching me things I didn’t know I had a talent for. I can’t wait till I’ve been programming for 10 years to see what things are possible. :blush:

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Nice, good luck. :slightly_smiling:

I’ve been programming for over a decade, and from my experience it feels like everything goes in a loop. You start off knowing very little, but you will eventually get better. Then you will seek harder challenges which you barely know how to begin, but you will eventually become better at tackling these and learn in the process. And then you will seek new and even harder challenges and… Well, you get the idea. It is fun nonetheless.

The bottom line is, you have to do new things in order to keep growing and improving. Doing the same thing over and over again helps to learn a specific topic, but you’d hardly learn new things while doing so.

I don’t know, I was on free code camp and code academy, but I ran into roadblocks because I just didn’t understand certain aspects of the language. But now after a few days of this, I know how to call things I’ve defined. I’ve grasped the concepts of things that I was shaking my head about previously and people tried to explain and it just wasn’t helping. Nor was the hundreds of hours I’ve spent watching video tutorials and lectures. practice and doing it is only half of the equation, but I trust having many resources as well.

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Indeed, having access to good resources is extremely useful as well! Just be sure to put in practice what you learn from reading resources, otherwise you’d easily forget it. :wink:

Tackling down a harder challenge (as I’ve commented earlier) always involves a lot of research and learning, and you get to put it in practice as well. That’s why I say it is a good way to learn. :smile:


I went back to free code camp after doing this site for almost a week consecutively. I was able to complete JavaScript asignments pretty quickly after practicing here. Most of the stuff I struggled with before, i could solve in 30 secs. This site has advanced my skills in JS by significant amount in a short amount of time. Video lectures now seem too slow and makes me want to be practicing new concepts here, other sites just don’t live up to this now. :smile:


Nice! Perhaps we can start a thread to share JavaScript resources? That could be very useful to many people here.