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Rip-off signal corpse python


I recently made it to Signal Corpse on my python account. I think I typed the right code:

# You can use flags to choose different tactics.
# In this level, the green flag will mean you want to move to the flag.
# The black flag means you want to cleave at the flag.
# The doctor will heal you at the Red X.

while True:
    green = hero.findFlag("green")
    black = hero.findFlag("black")
    nearest = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if green:
    elif black and hero.isReady("cleave"):
        # Cleave!
    elif nearest and hero.distanceTo(nearest) < 10:
        # Attack!

But I can’t seem to beat the 2 big ogres. I bought the short sword and the sharpened sword, but they were restricted. It was a total rip-off. I wasted gems and can’t bring them back. Is there a way to get my gems back? Also, any strategies?


no way to get your gems back… :frowning: rip u
but unless you are a subscriber, gems literally becomes nothing but a number in the end (i have 32000 gems right now with nothing to spend it on)
when u want to cleave, u do hero.cleave(nearest), not hero.cleave()


Get better armor. So you have more health. This is a cleave level so the other swords are restricted.


How much hp do you have?
I managed to do it with 141hp

Just forget about flags.
Write your usual code for auto attack nearest enemy
And add some code for return to the wizard for heal each time then hp drop below 50%


Just be more quick with placing flags\ returning for heal.
I have no problems to beat the level with your code

You can use shortcuts for flags
G for green
B for black


I read the side panel in the Methods area and it said hero.cleave(target) was optional. hero.cleave() will cleave at the pos.


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