Ritic glithes sometimes I suppose

Hi there. Looks like something goes wrong with one of special Ritic’s attack or ability. Idk which exactly( Or maybe the thing is in interaction of my code server handling and opponent’s code server processing. I tried to look if both @Archion and mrspeed are using the same attack, but looks like they aren’t.

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So how can we help @Alexbrand

I’m afraid you can’t(
We need someone from CoCo stuff I believe. Like @nick, or @Chaboi_3000.
But if someone experienced the same - you can mention it here.

Thanks @Alexbrand for reporting this bug

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I feel like I have seen this before… Maybe on multiplayer treasure grove. Your hero dies, but is still attackable and your dead body gets pushed around the level. It could be a false memory but this bug definitely rings a bell.

That has happened to me my hero attacked the opponent

Strange. @stephanie care to take a look?