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Ritual of Rectangling - Adventurer Feedback


The python starter code isn’t finished and the comments don’t show. The level is pretty cool though.


I agree: great level, but the python version is incomplete.

It would be also better if requiredPerimeter and requiredArea would be “randomized” (e.g. an attribute of the ogre).

Oh, and the python interpreter doesn’t understand if a < b < c (that is totally valid in python), but it’s easy to avoid (e.g. use if a < b and b < c)

One more thing… also don’t forget that in python 2 / 3 = 0 (integers vs. floats)


Well, I was testing ideas and I tried a fire-trap idea and it worked. I also figured out through testing that if the Ogre’s shadow is touching you that you will die. Lets just say that hammers should not be allowed in this level.


The python code have wrong default syntax. functions instead def, && enstead and, { - exist in code


I’m submitting a patch to fix this.


Thank you, I hope this gets fixed soon.


I played the level in Javascript and didn’t notice any problems with the code.
I think there is a typo in the Elder’s first message: “Show me your strongest warior!”

And I was able to defeat the ogre by using generic fighting tactics. He does high damage, but he doesn’t start attacking until he says he’s bored. Maybe allow for him to start attacking if his health goes below max health during the waiting period.


Hi guys!

Thank you all for the feedbacks. I will read them all and answer you little later.


Thanks! It should be fixed. Could you check it?


There is a random route of moving. So the required values can be in various time.

For Python2, but there is Py3 in CoCo (I think so).


Hm, could you tell me more about it?

Not sure that I got it.

Yeah, I think it’s a good idea.


Thank you very much! Sorry, I saw it and accepted it, but I always forget that I need to “save” a level after accepting. I was sure if I accept it, then it’s enough.


Thanks. Fixed.

It’s a good idea. I change it. Could you check it?


Using the fire-trap method, the use of many fire-traps will send the Ogre flying around the map but with his shadow visible as it moves around the map, if this shadow touches the player, the player will die. I don’t know if this shadow “attack” will always kill you or its because I have low health after I got hit by the Ogre once.



It’s really really really weird. Could you post you code (or slack)? I will try to find what is happening.


Here is my winning code: (I’m sorry, but I really forgot how to format it on discourse)

hero.buildXY(“fire-trap”, 16, 13)
if < 727:
hero.moveXY(3, 8)

If you change the hero.moveXY to (4,8) you will see what I mean.


Thanks. I asked to restrict “hammers” for that level.


Hello everyone,
My code does not seem to be working. I think it is correct, but if it is not, could you let me know? I think there might be a bug with this level.

Code Below:

def almostEqual(valueA, valueB):
if valueA > 0.97 * valueB and valueA < 1.03 * valueB:
return valueA == valueB

def perimeter(side1, side2):

return 2 * (side1 + side2)

def area(side1, side2):

return side1 * side2

requiredPerimeter = 104
requiredArea = 660

base = hero.findNearest(hero.findFriends())

while True:
sideSN = base.distanceTo(“Femae”)
sideWE = base.distanceTo(“Illumina”)
currentPerimeter = perimeter(sideSN, sideWE)
currentArea = area(sideSN, sideWE)
if almostEqual(currentArea, requiredArea) and almostEqual(currentPerimeter, requiredPerimeter):


Sorry if my code is not well formated, because I am new to this.


So read this first: FAQ