Robot Ragnarok - No Submit Button

Maybe I don’t have the right equipment on or something, but when I go into Robot Ragnarok I don’t get a submit button. I rewritten my code a bunch of times and have easily gotten past 15 seconds many times. Even to 30 seconds a few times, but the level never completes for me. I haven’t been using flags, but it wouldn’t matter anyway because you can’t use those until you submit and that button isn’t there for me. Anybody have any ideas?

Ah, sorry, sample code is wrong–you do have to survive the whole time or kill all the robots. It should let you win if you get to 30 seconds, after which the Done button will show up (since this is in the early dungeon, before players learn about random seeds, there is no randomizable Submit button). I just checked on your account and you should be able to win by getting the right pattern.

oh and also the help button is no help at all becuse it says to use flags but there is no sumbit button so you can’t you the flags WHAT IN THE WORLD (sorry if there is any miss spelling)

Sorry, the help was wrong! I’ve changed it to point out that you can do this with just simple movements, no flags required (and flags wouldn’t help).

Since I had the wrong help text in there, I’ll leave the Wyvernclaw available through the end of today, so it’s the last chance to figure out the level and beat it.

i beat it with fences i just kept building them