Level - Robot Ragnarok

To be completely honest I found this level hilariously easy all I had to do was a simple trial and error stem to figure out the pattern to get all the robots to kill each other/themselves

But I do understand that the wand you get is powerful if you are in that stage, but I wish that the weapons that we get in these special stages lasted longer

The limited time only reward items always have some sort of strategic ability where you would want to use them even over the more-balanced high end items. So for example, if you need a fast or flying army, you might want to equip Wyvernclaw even if you have the Vine Staff.

I am sorry I worded this improperly I often do not play wizard so if the item was like a ring so all the classes could use it (or a belt)

Right, we want the subscriber-only limited-time challenge items to appear visibly on your hero in the inventory screen, so no rings, since we don’t display those.

How did you beat the level?
I coded my char to move up 2 times then back down 1 time and after that he will die in any direction.
I tried every direction from move 1 to 3 and I don’t see any solutions.
even tried using code that wasn’t on my items to no avail.
Please help.

Ah thanks for the clarfication

Have you tried moving down twice after moving up twice?

Here are 2 HINTS that may help fellow adventurers with the “Robot Ragnarok Challenge!”

To learn if a move is safe, have the next statement of code already in place.
Even if the first move is actually “safe,” your adventurer will stop on that spot if there are no further instructions awaiting them.
As they sit motionless they die, making it seem as if the move they made was the wrong one.

For example :
(this is not from the Challenge, as I do not want to give a “Spoiler,” but rather an example of my HINT).

4 this.moveRight(); (i know already this works)
5 this.moveDown(); (i know already this works)
6 this.moveUp(); (this is the line I am testing to see if it is the next step)
7 this.moveUp(); (this line will just move my adventurer in case step 6 was correct).
If step 6 was incorrect, I will not get to this step 7.
Your this.moveX(); at line 7 can be anything, I used this.moveUp(); because it is the first direction I am going to be “testing” once I find the correct direction for step 6).

Once you get the correct direction for step 6, and you are now testing Step 7, remember to add the this.moveUp(); to Step 8 to keep your adventure on the move.

Test your moves in a progression of Up, Right, Down, Left. It is easy to remember that way!

I hope this helps anyone who is struggling to survive the Robot Ragnarok!
It took me 23 Steps/statements to survive this Challenge.

FUN TIDBIT: "Ragnarok" is from Norse Mythology!

Happy Coding fellow adventurers, I must return to the Kithgard Dungeon to continue my quest to become the Ultimate Coder!


Good explanation of your reasoning process! By the way, you can do it in 8 moves if you are bold.

I did it in seven lines I’ll send you the code if you want

I was having a hard time with that one but after following DoctorCoder’s HINT1 i actually managed to do it with only 6 line of codes :smile:

@nick i need help with this level it keeps killing me after i kill all the robots here is my code

self.say("woah robots dude")

Try to unequip the pet. For this level pets can make it worse. We will fix it soon, but now it’s better to pass this level without pets.

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i can’t do it either

What is the issue prohibiting your hero from beating the level? :wink:

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Use a moveUp(2) at the start then move down. You should moveDown(); and then moveRight(2); at the end.
I can’t post solutions cuz I’m not getting muted or banned.

i can only get

I have tried everything.

Try using hero.say. It is EXTREMELY helpful

Here’s a hint at the start.
I am using Tharin.
@CocoCharlie @George_Huchins_Hun

hero.say("message")   # waste time

and you can try the remaining moves

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