[SOLVED] Destroying Angel Bugged?

I won't show code cause it actually succeeds but still there is bugs

So, my code is correct, but after I collect the mushroom, and I go out, no matter if I try 1 hero.moveDown() or two, or three, my hero always gets stuck there and says “I can’t get there!”, and if I try 0, well ofc it doesnt work.
And then my hero breaks out of the I can’t get there, but then the code messes up, my hero goes up, down, right, left.
Then she (im using illia) hits the ogre and goes straight back to the entrance???!!! (that part I did not write a repeat on it, but somehow it repeats).
The end, is the ogre eventually moves to where my hero is, and my hero kills the ogre. THE END

so, is this my code problem or a game bug?
Link: [Destroying Angel] (CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript

Thanks in advance

Seems like you have weird lines in your code which is causing your hero to move in weird directions.
Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 9.32.09 AM

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hmm weird, i just refreshed the level and then my code works all of a sudden?
also did you change my code by any chance?
and this is solved

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I was playing around to see what was wrong. Seems like I forgot to undo changes :sweat_smile:


lol, well now it works

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thanks mine can also work