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Sand Mushrooms doesn't work

2021-02-15 19.13.20 d8701d8d65a1 2021-02-15 19.19.07 658c2722e54c

Я не говорю по-русски так жаль, если это немного выключен в языке, но вы должны попытаться нажать все кнопки, и если он по-прежнему не работает, обратитесь Кроме того, Добро пожаловать на форум!

Hey! thanks
In my understanding, the level does not work because of my ad blocking tools and blocking statistics collection.
Apparently due to the forced collection of statistics, I will have to skip this level :no_mobile_phones:

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You can still try to play this level, but you will probably then just have to uninstall your ad blockers and stuff. Or you could try to contact for some more info. But its up to you, its an optional level so you can skip it :smile:

Thanks, but
In my opinion, all levels should be launched, regardless of statistics collection or other things, like everything before [Sand Mushrooms]
When the forced collection is repaired, then I will pass . :vertical_traffic_light:

Okay, Well I guess this topic is solved @Deadpool198 could you close it?
Its just probably a coding in the website that wont let it launch