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Sarven brawl coming soon -


I don’t know what to do the task - “# Should fill in some default source”.
Need help.


I think you’re trying to play at a level that has not yet been completed.


It’s just the last mission? sure?


As you’ve mentioned I checked, but it seems to be a failure. Because the level seems to have no purpose.


correct. that level has not been finished yet it looks like


Hmm, it shouldn’t let you start trying to play it, since it’s not done yet. I guess I broke that yesterday? You just clicked it to start playing it like normal?


when you finish the last lvl , you could get a link wich has the name of the next lvl , ppl are editing that link to star the new lvl even if it’s didn’t released yet , that’s why i told you to fix it last week


Honestly. who cares. people wanna try and hack the url to play a level thats not finished. let them. It won’t work. :slight_smile:


I didn’t need to edit any link, it just showed up for me.
@nick: Will there be a notification for adventurers when this level is released? I know the hint reads “Coming soon”, but I just wanted to take a look at it, now it counts as started. I fear to miss a possible release.

Btw, the level terrain looks quite good, very promising.


Yeah, it’ll show up as one of the five levels in the weekly adventurer emails. It’s going to be a fun one; you’ll see.


how do you become an advnture? help pls


For me there is a similar problem to Dungeon Arena: Failed to Rank on Sarven Brawl:
Error saving level session: 422 Unprocessable entity
Level got harder when i tried it again, but I didn’t get any of the level rewards.
Having now read this thread, I guess I should have waited for the email, but I noticed the level was up and went for it!


It’ll be working by Wednesday–stay tuned! (If you try to play it early, you might get some bogus difficulty when you first play for real, so watch out.)


So do I just click the recive e-mails when there are levels to test?


Jep, that’s it. When you registered, you entered an EMail-Adress. Notifications will be sent to this address.