Sarven brawl unfair + some random stuff


I think that having to survive for 2 minutes it too hard. It should be 1 instead


no it isn’t. it is perfectly fair. Use invisibility ring and earth ring for stall.


The invisibility ring doesn’t work


Even Cloudrip brawl is one so sarven should be too


Nah it’s fair because they only come from one direction


I think it should be one too. Not because of difficulty. It’s because my computer sometimes crashes mid-submission and I have to resubmit after a day.


Same happens with me (Most of the time sometimes it works)


Lol, how old is ur computer?


Not very old. It’s HP Envy.


I have one! I usually use a Windows 10 Deasktop


Mines the new 2017 Mac book pro touch bar.


Ew I hate Mac system. It’s so cranky. Windows FTW


Cool! My mom has one :+1:


Stick with ur opinion I stick with mine ok


@Chaboi_3000 if you completed all of the levels how come you aren’t level 42 yet?


Since I don’t simulate a lot and don’t really do a lot of replayable levels


Oh ok. That’s why. Am i the first to level 42?


Nope I know a few who are 45


Whaaat! Who are level 45?


I don’t exactly know who but yeah there are players who are 45. I don’t really care what level I’m at because I can still get the level 66 items