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Sarven Brawl: Continued momentum of a spear


In Sarven Brawl, when my griffin-riders miss, the angle and preserved momentum often causes the spear to ricochet off the wall and occasionally hit a sand yak. This has broken my code multiple times. Is there an explanation for this behavior?


Don’tcha know that ricochet-induced sand yak aggro is the #17 cause of death amongst heroes in the desert?

Missile ricochet is just kind of a consequence of the physics engine. Which isn’t to say i couldn’t tone down missile bounciness or make missile actually stick in walls, but I think it’s kind of fun. What do others think?


I Think the ricochet is great. It also gives me a great level idea.

The goal is to Kill at least 1 munchkin. Depends on ricochet.


We actually have a couple ricochet-based levels in the mountain and glacier where Arryn’s razordiscs come into play, since they are infinitely bouncy and good for trick shots.