Sarven Desert - Medical Attention - Bug?

The palisades protecting your healer are detected as enemies so you and your allies spend the first part of the battle attacking them, while ogres chop at your back. Only after the home base palisades are destroyed do you turn and face the ogres.

Can the palisades be neutral or on our team so ogres attack them instead?

p.s. This is my first post and I just wanted to say I LOVE CodeCombat!!! Thank’s to all who helped create it! <3


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Fixed. If you still see the palisades in this level, please refresh.

While we are on the topic I have seen palisades being attacked as enemies on multiple level I feel this has to be changed


Wow, really helpful . . . maybe if you said which levels we could get them fixed.

Thanks Vlevo! Is this the best place to report things like this or is GitHub better?

Level related things are probably better here and more general problems there (although sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.)

The palisades were changed to provide more functionality for later levels, which when a change like that is made can break earlier levels (as you have seen :smile:). I need to sit down piece together a db query and figure out what all levels have palisades in them, of course by the time I do that they will all have been found… :wink: