Sarven Sentry frustration

My Sarven Sands code is working correctly, but I’m not finding it possible to make it to the passes in time to lay down either a fire-trap or a fence. I know I’m supposed to use the text from my archers as help, but honestly they’re often wrong. I don’t know how I’m supposed to get out of this level. I’ve also tried to increase my speed as much as possible. And it doesn’t work to move back to the center with a violet flag. There’s not enough time.

What level is that? I don’t see a “Sarven Sands”.

Edit: OK, looking through all the Sarvan Desert levels I think you mean "Sarven Sentry".

The only problem I see is that it is sometimes hard to tell which of the archers is talking (especially the upper two, since, they are parked so close together.)

I just did it with +2m/s boots on. Each seed is different of course…

(Don’t wait to place the violet flag, as soon as your hero heads for the green/black one place the violet one. If it is taking too long to look/move your mouse to the flags and back to the middle use the “g”, b", and “v” keys.)

Right, Sarven Sentry. You were right, the archer that talks is saying the ogre or yak is coming down that pass. I missed that before. Thanks for pointing it out!

I think when I did that one I set up the code to go to the flag, build what was needed, and then come back to the middle (I kept forgetting to do that, and got blown up by my own traps :smile: ); but that also helps get you ready for the next message.