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Palisades - do they need to face enemies and other questions

  1. Orientation of palisades - do they need to face enemies and how to rotate them if needed if the builder is the hero or a peasant?
  2. How they inflict damage? Will enemies rush over them and die or they are mere obstacles?
  3. Will they harm my hero or minions when bumping into ( and from which side) if I have built them?


They are obstacles that can be attacked and broken.


Correction to the first post: palisades cannot be built by hero , no such hammer exists
to @SuperSmacker they aren’t only obstacles, a single palisade killed 3 munchkins and suffered about 100 damage in Rational Defense. A palisade can stop an ogre for 16s. So the questions remain.
/ I substituted ‘fire-trap’ with 'palisade ’ to confront the ogres for testing purposes./


Actually, the palisade does not deal damage. Test it out. Make a new level and put a munchkin next to a palisade. Let the munchkin attack the palisade. It does no damage.

It’s probably because the referee in Rational Defense altered the palisade’s properties.


I’m a noob in game development, playing almost in a free account and rarely entering into my son subscriber account without submitting the level even finished. In game development the reward for completing a level is a joke, you can get a ton of gems and experience in the glacier for much easier level. That can alienate a child from web and game dev and my son has no desire to do them for now, so I focus on levels I can help him.


Game Dev? You mean the 2 campaigns? Those are absolutely worthless. (No offense)

The Glacier is way harder than Game Dev.

The real Game Dev is in (no subscription needed), and you can press create new level button, add the palisade thang, add the munchkin, and watch the munchkin not die.