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Sarven Road Bug = Can't equip a boots with moveXY


I can’t equip a boot with the skill moveXY , only the basic one from the first level.
What can i do ?


me neither…is the level possible using another method :confused:


+1 from here I’m having the same issue. I don’t think its possible to do with out the XYboots.


This is strange as when I beat the level it used the moveXY boots, looks like the something was set up improperly. Just checked it on the campaign page. The required and restricted gear for boots are identical. I tried fixing, but don’t have the rights to make changes to the campaign view.


Sorry about that guys–I accidentally restricted and required the same set of boots instead of just restricting the simple boots. I’ve just fixed it, but it may take up to a day to propagate through caching, so if you don’t see it yet, try on instead.


Thank you it’s fixed >_<