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Errors due to equipment comands when going on older levels


You must have a reason why already, but why not keeping the old commands with the new equipment?

It’s quite troublesome having to replace equips every time I want to go to an older level, just so it will play without errors something that was already done without errors.

Or maybe save the equipments used in each level so we don’t have to manually change it (which I suppose would be more troublesome to implement). :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. I wish upgraded gear would provide all the previous skills as well. Only exception is stuff thats unique and there’s more than one option. Like see through walls glasses.


agreed I also want to mention the fact that some of the later boots don’t seem to moveXY


No. they do “Move” instead. this was intended, the next step up in the movement command. but it’s buggy right now and those boots were removed from the store until it’s fixed. I think the higher boots should have all previous movement commands personally. :slight_smile:


If Move is different then moveXY and the moveUp set then what does move do?


It doesn’t lock the event loop up until you reach the point like MoveXY does. it calculates a small move and does it then continues the loop, so that if you have something more important come up such as an enemy coming close to you, you could then attack the enemy before resuming your move.


Hint: a general better way to agree is pressing the like button. The system understands it better and that’s what makes summarize to work, for instance. :wink:


So move just moves the character and lets another action take over?


Essentially. it moves you “towards” a point instead of locking you up until you reach that point.


Just beware it is buggy right now:


Correct. it’s not usable right now due to the bugginess. Nick removed the boots from the store that have Move on it until its fixed.


I think the biggest culprit to this is the self.findNearestEnemy() command. I would love it that were included on new glasses along with the current commands, but at the same time I can see why you would remove it, forcing people to actually try the newer commands.

Similarly, I can see value in moveXY over move on occasion, so having the ability to moveXY when I don’t want to be interupted would be nice, even when I do have the option to move.


I think you have those backwards. MoveXY is the one that locks you until you reach your destination, Move is the upgrade that does not.


Maybe it would be possible to have the methods silently available in older levels. If the required items are set up correctly, one could enable a silent downgrade of the item.
A level needs Wooden Glasses, but the Player has Infinity Lenses. As Infinity Lenses are “better” than Wooden Glasses, it would be possible to enable the Wooden Glasses-Methods on the better glasses for this level exclusively.

This is however only an idea by me. I don’t know how easily this could be implemented by the Code-Mages.


I think you were the one who read backwards what he wrote! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This could be better than my idea, since you could also try to re-make the code on that level with new commands if you want. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t see that. Makes a lot of sense for teaching, indeed.

So, wouldn’t make sense to make the branched levels, the ones that go out of the main track, to have all past commands? That way you have a track/branch/trunk for “teaching” and others for real training and other stuff.