Seeing is Believing Kithguard Dungeon

Hi, I am new to the Code Combat so hello everyone! I need help with Seeing is Believing Level 8 Kithguard Dungeon. On this level the goal is to beat the game, track the games defeated property, and defeat the 6 munchkins under 20 seconds. I am doing just fine on beating the game and tracking the games defeated property, but I can’t defeat the munchkins. The time runs out before I defeat the 6 munchkins. Any ideas? :thinking:

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I’ve not done game development so please advise which key is used for attack? I found the cleave key and killed 4. Also, please post the code you wrote on line 16.

Edit: Ignore this post and read the next.

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Try writing another spawner on line 12. With more spawners, more munchins are created faster. Then cleave when there’s a bunch of them around you.


Don’t just tell the existing spawner to spawn more. You must create another spawner (another rock pile spawner thing) called spawner2 and then tell it to spawn. It works, I just passed the level doing this.

I just killed 20 munchkins at once doing this. LOL! :rofl:


Thanks for your help! I appreciate you helping me out since I am new here. :grimacing:
Also, lol that you defeated them that quickly! Just when I am asking you what to do. :joy: