Semi-colon permanently missing

I"m getting an error where it’s telling me the semi-colon is missing from a line, even though I have inserted it. Even after I delete the entire line, the error is still there. Adding something back to the line doesn’t work either. I can’t progress through the level (Commanding Followers), because of it.

Right before this a bunch of error messages started popping up along the lines of the missing semi-colon one (I didn’t read them all, unfortunately, but I get the impression they were telling me I was missing things like quotes… which would make sense that I was missing them, as I was typing at the time!) I closed them all and was stuck in this state.

I’d post a screenshot, but alas, I don’t have the privileges as of yet.


Can you post your code?

this.moveXY(49, 66);
this.moveXY(60, 63);
this.moveXY(75, 63);

//The this.moveXY() below this was the one causing problems.
//It was throwing a "caution sign" beside the line number.
//Hovering over it gives a missing semi-colon error.
this.moveXY(60, 25);

Thanks for the bug report! I had to rewrite the entire spell editor, but I think I’ve fixed the issue. Can you give it another shot and let me know if you still see the problem?