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September 17 – Changelog

September 17 – Changelog

Hey everyone,
There was some few changes to CodeCombat today.


Damage Reduction: 80% -> 35%
Speed Reduction: 90% -> 35%
Scale Reduction: 50% -> 35%
Cooldown: 12 seconds -> 7 seconds
Duration: 7 seconds -> 5 seconds

Overall should be a slight nerf to Pacify, but much easier to control with.

Fixed Paralyze from breaking opponent’s code in multiplayer arenas.


Force Push:
Cooldown: 0.5 seconds -> 2 seconds
Push Mass: 100 kg -> 120 kg
Also fixed Force Ratio being able to exceed 100% push mass.

The ability used to be able to throw heavy ogres in the air(300kg brawlers vs 70 kg heroes). Changed it so it pushes more, but doesn’t cheese them to death.

Enjoy! :tada: