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Server instability (Brazil)



I’ve been frequently experiencing “Gateway Timeout” errors on API calls as well as some “server is offline” pages from CloudFlare. I’ve been experiencing this intermittently since yesterday.

I presume the issue affects the Brazil CDN specifically.

/cc @nick @Catsync


My students were also unable to access it early today. I still am unable to access it now. ( I am in China)


Looks like the server is still down from here (/auth/whoami gives gateway timeout).

#4 is down, too. It doesn’t even work when accessed with a VPN



It seems the Brazil endpoint is working again now.


China is still down :frowning:


Checking again, it is still unstable in Brazil. The server goes down intermittently.


Still down after so many days :confused:


I’ve talked to the @nick in the Slack channel. It seems @rob was working on this… Any updates?


I’m not sure whether they made changes to the infrastructure, but it looks like the Brazilian servers have been running smoothly for the last 24 hours.