Gateway time-out

##I was playing happily because I love playing codecombat, all of a sudden…
I hate gateway timeouts. Even if it is on boring websites. Any suggestions? Help would be appreciated!

Did you try again in a few minutes as the website asked you? Is the problem permanent?

If reloading did not work: Did you wait 30 Minutes?

Sometimes the internet goes a bit weird, and then things like this happen. Please give it some time.

If the problem persists, please write here again. It is known that the Cloudflare-Service that is used by CodeCombat can sometimes fail. I personally do not know why exactly, but I guess there is probably a good reason. If there is a big problem, rest assured that the staff (namely Nick) will inform us what happened and how long we’ll have to wait until it works again.

Np. I waited for 24 minutes. Then I said "well, maybe I should try direct codecombat " direct.codecombat is where @nick told me to go if I get gateway outs. He will receive a notification because I mentioned him. If I waited for 20 or more minutes, I should ty This is an easier way to play codecombat.

5m later, I have now waited for 31 minutes. I should try to play again.

Sorry, not sure what happened there–we should have been stable that whole time, so maybe CloudFlare did have an outage in your area? It does that sometimes, frustratingly. But did work at the time? That would tell us whether it was a CloudFlare problem.