Are China servers down?

Can anyone else see if they are able to access the China servers for the game. I have had difficulty during the day for the last 2 days (wasted 2 classes where no one was able to access the levels.) I am getting a lot of connection failed errors. Routing through a VPN and accessing the US site allows it to work. Worked at home last night though, but that is during a different time.

Is anyone currently using or is able to test the China servers to see if it a Code Combat problem or if our school’s internet is being usual very unpredictable self? (We have had a lot of other internet problems these same last 2 days, but were able to access other foreign sites during the time period in question.) < CodeCombat China

I can play in cn server :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve experienced network problems with the Brazilian servers as well. Disabling/clearing the browser cache seems to have fixed the issue, though.

Right now, the Brazil CDN seems very slow and I’m getting quite a few timeouts.

@nick @Serg Can you take a look into this? Thanks.

Hmm, it sounds like Cloudflare might be causing the slowness sometimes then. When you see the issues, can you check to see if they list any outages?

Nice! I was about to ask whether CodeCombat had a status page similar to GitHub’s. Looks like you’re always one step ahead! :smile_cat:

I am able to access China again. :smile: