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Sharp drop in score when submitting new code?


When I submit new code for ranking my score suddenly drops by several hundreds.

Why? I am not entirely sure on ranking system used, but winning = going up, losing = going down. Why would score drop without losing?

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[SOLVED] Ladder ranking questions - see linked topic
[SOLVED] Ladder ranking questions - see linked topic

Your score is made up of a strength value and a confidence value. When you resubmit, your strength value is unchanged, but your confidence is reset (since the ranking system is now very unsure how good your new code is). That’s why you see the ranking blip. It would be nice to not have it, but so far we don’t have workaround ideas for the Bayesian ranking we do:

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Gotcha. Hadn’t seen this one before. I thought it’s one of those based on power difference (the larger difference in score with opponent the more significant win/loss).