Dueling grounds ranking

How come i can beat almost everybody on the leaderboard of top 20 but im all the way at 119 rank i think i should be higher rank

you most likly lose to people lower down on the leader board which tanks you score the ranking system is pretty complicated

but if the top 20 players lose to me, how come they are not at like 100 rank?

i can’t realy explain but basicly you beat them but they may also be able to defeat most other people besides you

I guess you could think of it like a 3-‘person’ game of rock paper scissors
Let’s say that your code is rock
The code for the top 20 is scissors
Rock beats scissors, that’s cool, you defeated them
BUT the lower ranks choose paper
Paper beats rock, so even though they lost the top 20 (scissors beats paper), they still won against you.

  1. IMHO, ranking system has some issues.
  2. Some kind of this
  3. As far as I remember Nick once mentioned that rank is calculated by Bias formula. I failed to find exact post. Also I could be wrong) Or rankin formula could has been changed.

oh i understand
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The best way to get a lot of score (That I’ve had experience with) is to make absolutely sure you can beat everyone (or at least not have a random loss to a low-raking player) and then leave codecombat to simulate a lot of games. If you lose even once, especially to a lower ranked player, your score will plummet.

but how do i make sure i cant lose to different people if most of the players that have very annoying strats
are somehow lower on the ladder

and also it says there are no games left in the queue

plus there are cheaters who use enemy.attack(enemy) to make you attack yourself so you lose ranking

@JustALuke your strat worked now im up to 89 rank on red ladder

Usually if you won most of battles but then start to lose to one or two certain players, you have more rounds with them, so you can catch it.

You can also go down the ladder and search for people whose code is more recent than 2 years ago (I think that’s about the point the bug stopped happening) and test your code against them.

which bug?
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The one Alexbrand was talking about: This one