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Shortcuts for Level Builder and weird behavior in FireFox


Hi guys, I am on a Windows machine and the shortcuts for the level builder coincide with some of the native windows shortcuts - for example, alt+left and alt+right don’t work for me, because they are used by the browser for respectively back and forward. I tried disabling the shortcuts, however in Chrome I didn’t succeed. I couldn’t also manage in IE, I’ll have to do further research because I couldn’t find anything suitable so far.

I did manage to disable the shortcuts in FF, however, when I open the level editor I get a weird bug where when I drag the page the dragging animation breaks apart and I can see all the frames at the same time. I tested it in both the direct and normal versions - I get the same behavior in both cases. I am running a fairly recent version of FF. If you need it, I can check the exact version and also provide you with a link.


Right! Tracking the bug here:

Some screenshots of the dragging animation being busted might be helpful.