Level editor zoom and related fields

Hi everybody!

I have started using the Level Editor few days ago. And I have some questions/comments:

  1. About Zoom In/Zoom Out using the mouse wheel.
    When I move up the wheel I expect Zoom In (bigger Thangs), and when I move down the wheel I expect Zoom Out. Both in the Level Editor as in the game, the wheel behavior is reversed. Maybe is my PC, or maybe it is the expected behavior. I didn’t find any post on the forum about that,
  2. When creating new waves, we need to create the “buildables” (existence.Builds). Then, we need to type again the name of buildable in each wave we create. The workflow will improve if we can select the buildables using a dropdown, this way we avoid typos and is much easier to create new waves. (See the image below).

    I will see if I can make the changes on Treema to allow this kind of behavior.
  3. The creation of Goal Triggers, Invisible, and Obstacle surfaces, could be done in the same way we create “rectangles” (using shift + mouse movement). This way is more easy to create a rectangle with the desired dimensions.

That’s my expectation and experience as well.

It turns out everyone has different expectations for which way the zoom goes and whether it’s backwards, also confused by whether it’s a mouse’s scroll wheel or a touchpad scroll. I think we’ve been over it a few times and each time decided that the current behavior is the way to go, even though it doesn’t work for everyone.

It would be good to make a custom Treema node that autocompletes the buildTypes in the spawn chances from the Builds buildables. I think, though, that the easiest thing to do would be to hard-code the common build types (which we’re already doing in the power tables) and have both the Builds and Referee Components looking at that. I’ll think about the best way to do that when I go to refactor the power tables.

Yah, I’d love to see some more mouse manipulation stuff for resizing and repositioning the rectangular Thangs. Might be a bit tricky to pull off, but then again, Scott did it a few times for those camera rectangles.