Should we have more wizards

Pretty much all the wizards we have are weak they have bad health and damage and are over priced

@milton.jinich hey there,
Currently the final tier of the wizard class, Usara Master Wizard is currently in development. She will be very powerful with a 200% damage multiplier, 140% health multiplier, and top-tier abilities to make up for the price of 21000 gems!

Thanks Chaboi_3000 that sounds nice

thats really OP wow i guess the price of gems is worth it then…

@milton.jinich, try using @Chaboi_3000 instead of Chaboi_3000

P.S. Hopefully this will not ping anyone

@Speedypickle1 when u at someone it will always let them know when u at them reply to them etc.

I know (200000 chars)