[Idea] More Powerful Mage& New Players

What do you think about it?

If Illia is the Warrior class with the highest stats, basically an upgrade from Tharin.
If Ritic is the crossbow class with the highest stats, basically an upgrade from Naria / Amara.
There should be a hero in the wizard class with the highest stats (100% Damage, 75%HP, 7M / Sec) who would be an upgrade from Omari.

Another idea, when starting off the game, you receive 4 default warrior classes. I find it irritating that all of them are the same so the rest 3 are just there to take up space. Why not make it so that Tharin & Anya have more Health and less Damage and Alejandro and Ida have more damage but less health.


i don’t get it what wizard

Ah, you see the pattern! Yes, Usara Master Wizard is coming as soon as we finish coding up her ultimate special abilities. :wink:

I’d like to adjust the stats/skills across the four default heroes so they’re not clones, but it becomes a bit of a balance problem, since many of the very early levels are tuned towards those hero stats to make things easy to learn the basics (kill the munchkin in two hits, be able to survive only 2 munchkins with no armor but 3 munchkins with armor, etc.). At some point, it’ll be a good thing to do, though.



no offense, but that was 5 months ago.

pleasseeeee update CodeCombat soon :slight_smile: