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Siege of stone hold new strategies


Hi! I am looking for other strategies for the stone hold level. But I can’t
fiind one! HELP!!!



Welcome to this forum. We are a friendly and open-minded… wait, I wrote this already today.

We will happily share any strategies with you, but it is usually a give-and-take. We can’t give you a new strategy before you gave us your old strategy (remember, no mindreaders here).

Despite from that, I can only recommend the search-function of this forum, which can usually be found in the top-right corner (the magnifying glass). Alone the query “sie” already results in many hits, providing you with a lot of topics about that.

Please search, then ask.


There’s been quite a few strategies for that level. Browse around the forums. You are going to quickly find that if you are only asking for people to give you the answer on all your posts that you won’t be getting many responses. The community wants you to try your own approach, post it. then take hints or suggestions. If you aren’t putting in the effort, nobody is going to post full working code for you. The purpose is for you to learn.