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Sky Span code lost


Hi, I didn’t make any change to my code on Sky Span but now is reseted as original code, this happen only to my human code.

Could u please help me to resotore my code to the last one submitted?

I was looking around on this forum and it seems a issue that other people are facing too. Probably it could be a nice feature to can restore or save different code versions.

Thank u and best regards.


Sorry about that; I still haven’t found the bug. Do you know if you were doing anything differently than you normally do before you saw the bug? I have restored your code from its last submitted state.

I feel bad that I haven’t integrated the work that Dominik did on the version control system yet. There is so much to do getting the new hero/item design and beginner campaign ready that I haven’t had the time to do that screen, alas!


Thank u Nick.

That Dominik’s feature will be so useful. And no, I wasn’t doing anything different, actually my code was untouched for several days and yesterday I just tried to evaluate a fight and I noticed that my code was gone.

Best regards.