Sleeping on the job/JavaScript/solo learner


Sleeping on the Job seems definitely bugged for JavaScript for solo-learners. Am I correct? How come nobody fixed it? Is it because CodeCombat is mainly geared at Phyton?

I would love to be able to finish all the quests…

Thanks for enlightening me :slight_smile:


Hello @shyam, can you clarify what trouble you are experiencing? Is the level not loading? Is the documentation incorrect? Unless you don’t explain to us about what you’re having trouble on, we can’t help.

I didn’t give more information because I expected it to be a known bug, based on a forum post about the same quest in some old thread .

But I went back now to the issue to gather more clear information but wonder oh wonder I found out what I did wrong. I used statements from later levels instead of literally following the assignment. Probably the quest wasn’t programmed to accept all kinds of statements.

Excuse me guys for spamming the bugs thread without sufficient reason…