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[SOLVED] Can't access

I’m trying access “” and procede playing in “Woods” so on… But when I’m trying to enter this link, I’m redirected to “”. I have no possibility to play in “codecombat/play” area, I don’t see possibility to pay for further levels. How can I fix my account?

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Try entering the page via the codecombat home page without directly entering a link.
Also try entering the forest (woods) using it’s link:
If that still doesn’t work, you can try contacting the codecombat team.

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Thanks for answer, my friend, but it didn’t help…
On this account we accomplish about 80 levels. Then our account was added to my son’s school classes and we lost possibility to go through levels in area.
I asked to unlink our account from the classes, and the teacher has already done it, but the problem hasn’t gone: when we try to access “level map” at, every time we are redirected to codecombat/students
I can’t see the link, where I can pay for further levels.

We stopped going through levels in “Forest” and wish to proceed with them very much!!!
Is there any possibility to fix our account?
Or we should create a new account and repeat going through 80 levels we have already completed?
Will be grateful for any advice or help!

@Support can help revert you to campaign.

Assigned to @Support

Hello, I have reviewed your account and you appear to have already been converted back to an individual user. If you still have difficulties feel free to reach out to us at

Hello, Ryan,

Thank you very much, man! Everything is OK now. My son and I are playing 103 level in the Woods ))

The best wishes for you and your team in New Year 2020!

Thought, you should receive my previous letter…