[SOLVED]Can't seem to press play

Am I completely missing something here? The Play button is greyed out, and there’s no info about what remains to be done before I can successfully press play.

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looks like you need to complete the level that gives you simple sword to press play

Welcome back @erlend_sh! :tada:
What level is this? The inventory doesn’t seem complete. Is this a new account? Have you played from the first level?

I am resuming play on an account that I registered many years ago, so maybe that has caused some weirdness?

Welcome back @erlend_sh
I seem to have this problem too, maybe it is just CodeCombat is having a little server issues today.

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Welcome back @erlend_sh :tada:
There was a big migration from the legacy version to the current version a while ago. It’s likely some functions got messed up. Can you try going to the account page and clearing the progress? It should let you progress correctly.

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That did the trick, thanks! :pray: