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Codecombat will not let me play level "Back to back"


Hi guys

I know this is probably a noob problem, but I’ve passed all the levels to the “Back to back” level, the level is not locked to me. I can open it and load the items that I need. But no matter what I do, it will not let me click ‘Play’. The Play button stays grey. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, would appreciate the help soooooo much!!

Level: Back to Back

Sounds like a bug. Here’s the loadout it wants:

    requiredGear: {feet: 'leather-boots', torso: 'leather-tunic', waist: 'leather-belt', 'programming-book': 'programmaticon-i', eyes: 'crude-glasses', 'right-hand': 'simple-sword', 'left-hand': 'wooden-shield'}
    restrictedGear: {feet: 'simple-boots', 'right-hand': 'builders-hammer'}

What are you equipping?


ok i don’t have the leather-belt. could that be it? if so how do i get it?


Try doing Dungeons of Kithgard again? That’s where you get it.


the leather belt is not offered to me in the shops, and i have completed all previous levels


tried that… did it several times. it tells me that i have the leather belt, but after that i don’t have it in my inventory for the next battle.


I’m having the exact same problem! When I try to equip the leather belt in the shop, it indicates Unlock (undefined).

edit: It works when I use Python, but does not work when I use JavaScript.

I will follow this thread for advice and/or fixes.


What about now–do you have the belt? I’ve just recalculated the achievements again. If you don’t have it, and if when you hover over Dungeons of Kithgard (the first level) it says “Complete”, then there’s a new bug!


I still do not have the belt. When I hover over Dungeons of Kithgard it says “Complete”.


I have now created a new account and replayed the game up to there. In this new account it is working :D. Some other things are working better too :smiley:


I also restarted and chose Python instead of JavaScript, and it was fine. Leather belt = mine.


Hello guys,

so is the creation of new account the only solution?
Back to back - I have needed items among locked items. If I try to equip boots or belt, the game says ‘Only’, if I try to equip shield, it says ‘Warrior Only’… I have the warrior Tharin.

What is interesting when I try to play again e.g. Winding Trail. Simple boots are restricted (btw… why?) and I have leather boots equipped. If I unequip them, the fall among locked items and I can’t equip them again.


I have what I think is the same bug on the bug list over here, too:

I’ll be trying to figure it out, but I don’t have the answer yet; sorry!