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[Solved] Clash of Clones Can’t equip weapon


I am trying to complete the level Clash of Clones using the shield bash strategy(with no weapon). I can’t play the level without equipping a weapon, which ruins the strategy.

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You can’t do this level without equipping a weapon

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Chaboi then why are there people saying that you can do it this way?

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Just don’t use your sword. Use your shield.

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But my clone will still have the sword and will use it. It doesn’t matter what code I write. If I have the sword, my clone will use it. If I don’t, my clone won’t.


So then equip then equip the weakest sword.


Or, use nalfar and sacrifice everybody!


You could only sacrifice those in your unit. I beat the level using senic and scattershoting everywhere.


I equipped my weakest sword and it worked.