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[Solved] Clash of Clones Can’t equip weapon


I am trying to complete the level Clash of Clones using the shield bash strategy(with no weapon). I can’t play the level without equipping a weapon, which ruins the strategy.


You can’t do this level without equipping a weapon


Chaboi then why are there people saying that you can do it this way?


Just don’t use your sword. Use your shield.


But my clone will still have the sword and will use it. It doesn’t matter what code I write. If I have the sword, my clone will use it. If I don’t, my clone won’t.


So then equip then equip the weakest sword.


Or, use nalfar and sacrifice everybody!


You could only sacrifice those in your unit. I beat the level using senic and scattershoting everywhere.


I equipped my weakest sword and it worked.