[SOLVED] I need help with Clash of Clones

Hey, many other forum posts suggest playing this level (Clash Of Clones) with no weapon. But I can’t click play without equipping a weapon; I tried all my swords such as Simple Sword, Rune Sword, Sharpened and Long swords. None of those swords were able to help me beat the clone. I also tried to kill the back row first than the Clone, but I still had no chance as either I did very little damage that I couldn’t kill them fast enough, or I used my Rune sword which the Clone also used and dominated my army.

What other ways am I able to beat this level?

  • I realized that bash isn’t that viable as I cant afford a strong shield to do significant damage also I can’t afford the emperor gloves to cast lightning.
while (true) {
    var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
        if (enemy && enemy.health > 0) {
            if (hero.isReady("cleave") && hero.distanceTo(enemy) < 10) {
    } else {

@Rimoon_K The way to beat it is us the simple sword and a good bashing shield. If you can’t afford a good bashing shield just use the best one you can.
After the just bash where ready.
This is what I beat it with.
I didn’t have the steel striker like you it should be easy

@Rimoon_K Your clone can’t use any special powers like you can. Try bashing.

I think if he had a good shield he would, but as he says here; he doesn’t.

I would recommend using tactics, in your example.
As you have no significant abilities except jump and cleave you could instead focus on trying to kill the archers first, maybe using cleave?

This code should help you start with that:

function findArchers(enemies) { #If you dont want to use things that are further ahead in the game, thats fine. But this will just return an array of archers, like hero.findEnemies()
    var archers = []
    for(var i == 0; i < enemies.length, i++) {
        var enemy = enemies[i];
        if(enemy.type == "archer") {
    return archers;

I’ve tested it with your equipment (with the cleave sword, and your bash shield, which I would say is pretty good.) and it works, (with added code concerning the archers).
Have fun and good luck.
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I am not able to use

as I still have yet to unlock it.

Thanks for the suggested code, but I still get targeted by the shamans and the reinforcements sent in as they are able to buff the clone’s army which I have no chance to withstand. I try to use the weakest sword that is able to cleave (The Long Sword (~6)). But yet I still can’t manage to kill the archers in time before the reinforcements appear through the use of cleave. Where if I use my strongest sword (The Rune Sword (~192 DPS)) which can also cleave, the enemy clone will dominate my army and come and attack me fairly quickly.

Also also I do not have the


I realized that I have the steel striker which is a good shield, but I think that because of your helmet you’re able to complete this level. As my helmet has (+288) where your’s has (+448). I am not able to afford the helmet that you have currently equipped. Also when I do use the bashing technique all my front line warriors die, therefore all the enemy archers start to attack me and the survived enemy warriors; additionally the spawning of shamans occur, which boosts the enemy clone into a massive size which does critical amount of damage per hit.

Here is my armor that I will stick to, so if you have suggestions please use this setup:

I realized that the function defines the findArchers. Oopsies, but I still have a problem with the archers.append.

Sorry Rimoon, I’m thinking in python.
This should be archers.push(enemy);
I normally do python, so I had to do some levels in javascript. But I missed that! It should work now.
P.S. Even when I use my code with your promatticon (iii) I can use .push().
P.P.S When I tested it I used your setup and all the abilities they come with, except for the really bad sword. I used your cleave sword instead.

Thank you Deadpool for all this help, the .push did work. I did fail and I lost hope, but I showed it to my teacher and it worked that time (Worked as in I was able to survive and withstand the enemy army) thank you!!

I’m glad it worked.

I cant not past it
I am mad
I already tried asking
but it no works help me

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Hi Sean,

Welcome to the forum!

Please post the code that you’ve got at the moment, and also a screenshot of your current equipment. We’ll then try to help you :).



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Please post your code and your equipment. I suggest you look over the other Clash Of Clones topic, they might help you pass the level!

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Here is a topic that I think will be helpful to @Sean_Kempfer



why are u using a simple sword?

I am using a long sword it is not restricted

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It seems like @Rimoon_K has solved it and @Rimoon_K and @Sirtrumpet may no longer be active, so they may not see your post, and at this point, you’re just wasting your posts.

hi l got these things l have wrote some codes but whatever l do l cant past it because l have nothing speacial the only thing my health 3400 but its useles in this level and thats my charatcer and l got 4000 diamond and l can earn like 1000 from other levels l havent done if l need more gem to buy something oh and l think l need something can bashe which things l should buy?

maybe try buying gloves so you can use chain lightning

Hey please dont post on multiple places for the same level.

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I need help, here’s my code
while True:

  enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
   if hero.canCast("invisibility"):
       hero.cast("invisibility", hero)
   if hero.canCast("drain-life", hero.findNearestEnemy()):
       hero.cast("drain-life", hero.findNearestEnemy())
   if hero.isReady("bash"):
   if hero.isReady("power-up"):