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Desert - Clash of Clones Help


So I am stuck on the ‘Clash of Clones’ level

I looked through 5 or 6 threads here about this level but I saw same answer:

  • Unequip sword and get a Shield with bash

But the thing is that I can’t unequip my sword! The game doesn’t let me in without any sword :frowning:

Things I have:

  • Programmaticon III
  • Enchanted lenses
  • Engraved wristwatch
  • Simple sword (As I said, I can’t unequip it)
  • Rusted Iron Breastpiece (I equipped it because I stay alive longer in it, either way I kill the clone)
  • Steel Striker
  • Fire Opal Sense Stone
  • Basic Flags

My code looks like this:

while(true) {
    var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
    var flag = hero.findFlag();
    if (flag) {
    } else if (enemy.type != "sand-yak") {
        if (hero.isReady("bash")) {
        } else {


Your code works for me. I think you need stronger armor. Trying clearing some other stages that you haven’t completed yet to receive extra gems. I have the Dragon Head, Chestplate, and the Deflector. Maybe have at least 2000 Health.