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10. Cupboards of Kithgard: Anya is dead


Could you help?

What’s wrong:

while True:

As result Cupboard has broken and the ogre has killed Anya
What I have to do?


I double checked and had the same problem. The ogres have too high an attack for this level to work (they also managed to kill the skeleton that is supposed to defeat them) This code would work in the normal version of the level. You’re allowed to skip ahead in the courses section to the next one, so just do the next level for now.

Can anyone else confirm a problem with beating this level on through the courses / hour of code portion of the site?


Oops, looks like we did indeed bust that! I just fixed it up so it should be working again. Thanks for catching that.


update: Exit and enter again but press PLAY. Not ENTER.