Dueling grounds reset?

I recently wanted to edit my dueling grounds code but (after the update btw) but the code was all gone could someone either tell me whey this has happened and how to fix it or just get my code back

Your code shouldn’t have gone anywhere, but are you sure you have the team you were playing last time (humans or ogres)? I can try to recover it if you know which team it should be and if you have submitted it to the ladder.

I can still se it on the ladder but when I open the code editor it does not show my code

What username and team? I’ll check it out.

Feinty and humans ormarn

This is all I can find for you:

// Defeat the enemy hero in a duel!

loop {
    var enemy=this.findNearestEnemy();
    if(enemy && this.isReady("throw")){
    else if (enemy && this.canCast("shockwave", enemy)){
         this.cast("shockwave", enemy);
    else if(enemy && this.isReady("electrocute")){

I had a haste and a attack in there (and pls can you just message me my code next pls)

Just as little optimization (so it is better understandable):

    var enemy = this.findNearestEnemy();

This way, you only check once for enemy and if you want to add additional checks, you can easily do it.

And your code doesn’t look that special too me, mply uses all abilities you have.

@J_F_B_M It’s not at all, I suck at coming up with strats that do not involve some sort of terrain (the fire traps are not trackable as of my knowledge) and or other units

I didn’t tried it out yet, but with a ranged champion you can kite your enemies. You could try for example a flee-behaviour [1]. Initialise a grid (create coordinates with while-loops) and compute a danger-level for each node, and then pathfind along the nodes to the least dangerous area. Just some immediate ideas, which I currently try to implement myself, but I’m too busy learning for exams to actually put this to use (also I have the problem that my only ranged attack is a 10m-cleave-attack for 15 damage, which is almost nothing).

It might be that a lot of optimisation has to go into this, so the code doesn’t need to long per tick.

[1] http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/understanding-steering-behaviors-flee-and-arrival--gamedev-1303