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[Solved] Dungeons of Kithgard - Infinite loop at load screen


Hi, I’ve just registered and when I want to play the first level of the Dungeons of Kithgard, the game loads at about 25 ~ 33% and then I have this error message.
So is my Internet connection too slow or is there a bug ? I didn’t try to take a look at the developper console because I know I won’t understand anything ^^"
Thanks in advance


Just click on, “Comment Out My Code” and proceed.

Are you using wireless? Test your connection speed using any online speed test.


I clicked on “Comment Out My Code” but nothing changes, the error message reappears a few moments later.
I tested my connection and here are the results.


your up and down speeds look plenty sufficient for CodeCombat. What browser are you using? Most people here seem to agree that Chrome works the best. If you are using something different, try Chrome. I’ve also used Firefox before without issue. Whatever you’re using, try a different browser.


I was using Firefox. I tried Microsoft Edge and it worked, so the problem is solved I suppose ^^
Thanks for your help !