[SOLVED] Editing Thang types submit


How do you edit and submit a patch? I click the save button it does not work


When you submit a patch it appears on the “Pending” list in the “Patches” section, and the level creator can either accept it or reject it. Once it is accepted it is saved.


For me, it does not appear


Really? Can you send a screenshot?


How do you send one?


What device are you using?


im using a mac …


Press Shift + Command4, then select an area.


No, how do you add the screenshot to the post


I think you click on that arrow thingy and upload it there.


NEever mind, i solved it.


Actually, I have another question, how do you create thangs to add in your levels that you create?


Create thangs? I think there’s a thang editor somewhere, but that might be a bit too advanced.