What's the preferred way to handle patches to components?

When editing a component via the level editor, there’s a sub-tab that lets you submit a patch to an existing component (that you don’t own).

When we do that, what’s the preferred way to handle that? Does someone with approval power get an automatic notification that a patch is awaiting approval? Should we create an issue on Github? I don’t see it documented anywhere.

Watchers do get an automatic notifications when patches are submitted, and the component creator (usually me) should be a watcher, but it looks like we didn’t make watching retroactive, so I’ll have to go through and start watching all my components. We can also add some text explaining this’ll happen, too.

At the moment the components I’ve submitted patches for are:


Movement.moves has been accepted it looks like.

I feel like there was one more but I can’t remember what it would be.

I did a lookup. The last one was Moves, but that’s been accepted. I’ve also made Nick and I watchers for all the Levels, Components and Systems we’ve built so we should get notified going forward.

@nick Those four patches Gosnat lists are the only ones pending.