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[SOLVED] GUI/Code editor changed?

Looks like code editor window changed it’s style today. F.e. self. is marked now with red color. It’s cool and handy, but tabulation marks disappeared and this is very uncomfortable( Also, there is some troubles with Ctrl+F or Ctrl+A text marking.

Is it only me who expirience this changes? First I thought it’s Chrome or my computer or my local proxy, but it’s the same in Firefox, and in browser on tablet. One more variant is my hero preferences, I looked here but didn’t find what I might change to make this things)

P.S. Python language

I’m not sure why this is happening, it doesn’t look like that for me.
@Chaboi_3000 any ideas?

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Thanks a lot!
So, it’s me…
Well, I’ll try to dig it out somehow)

Well, it was characters limit exceedin’.

I have also just thought of something: maybe it’s using the lua syntax. Does it also turn red when you used hero.?

No, hero. wasn’t red )